The Audacity of Having an Older Brother Good At Hoops

Michelle Obama was back in the news today for giving another one of her “gospel of bitterness” speeches in North Carolina.
Powerline reported:

While she preaches the gospel according to Barack, she wears resentment and bitterness on her sleeve. It is therefore painful to listen to her. She’s apparently even still angry about her SAT scores. She didn’t test well in school, she explains. Somehow, she has overcome.

But, just how did Michelle overcome?
How did she reach over that bar that they’re always raising?

Here’s how…

Older brother Craig Robinson, the basketball coach at Oregon State University, and Michelle enjoy an afternoon together at Georgetown.

Craig Robinson, who preceded his sister at Princeton to become its fourth highest-scoring basketball player. Robinson was a two-time Ivy League Player of the Year at Princeton University, graduating in 1983 with an AB in Sociology.

During Michelle Obama’s junior year in high school, Michelle visited Craig at Princeton University, which had recruited him to play basketball (at 6 feet 7, he became the school’s fourth-leading scorer in its history). She set her sights on following Craig, also an excellent student. But, Michelle did not have high enough test scores.

Michelle’s mother talked about Michelle’s difficulty in taking tests. Something that she still regrets to this day.
Newsweek reported:

For Michelle, Craig’s easy success was intimidating. “She was disappointed in herself,” her mother tells NEWSWEEK. “She used to have a little bit of trouble with tests, so she did whatever she had to, to make up for that. I’m sure it was psychological because she was hardworking and she had a brother who could pass a test just by carrying a book under his arm. When you are around someone like that, even if you are OK, you want to be as good or better.”

…Some of her teachers told her she didn’t have the grades or test scores to make it to the Ivies. But she applied to Princeton and was accepted.

So, how did she do it? How did she get accepted to Princeton even though she did not have high enough test scores?
A campaign official answered that question for Michelle:

A campaign spokeswoman says she had an edge getting into Princeton not because of affirmative action, but because her older brother was there as a scholar athlete.

Thank God for big brother Craig.
It’s just too bad Michelle Obama does not see how the bar was lowered, not raised, in her case. She is focused on her poor test scores and not the blessing that she was accepted into school.
This seems to be par for the course for Michelle.

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