Tehran's Got a Crush on Obama

In 2005 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran his campaign with the slogan “We Can!”
In 2008 Barack Obama runs his campaign with the slogan- “Yes We Can!”

No wonder Tehran’s got a major crush on Barack Obama.

The radical Islamic regime is backing “change” in Washington DC.
Iranian Fars News reported:

Iran’s foreign minister said on Thursday that US voters clearly want change in their government which has pursued warmongering policies ever since ascending to power under George W. Bush.

Encountering reporters at an international conference on Iraq, Manouchehr Mottaki refused to say exactly what he thought of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s expressed willingness to consider a meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Instead, Mottaki noted with satisfaction that “everybody (in the United States) is looking for changes” in Washington, where the Bush administration has worked to isolate Iran in recent years.

Earlier this year the regime in Iran was very excited to hear that Obama was willing to talk to Tehran:

The regime was also excited that Obama would put an end to the Iraq War and withdraw troops from Iraq.
Like Iran, Democratic voters want to end the war in Iraq, not win it.


No wonder Obama is the clear favorite of the regime in Iran.
Hat Tip Thanos

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