Teddy Kennedy Hospitalized

Teddy Kennedy is hospitalized with stroke symptoms.
CNN and the WaPo reported:

Sen. Edward Kennedy, a leading Democrat and patriarch of a prominent American political dynasty, has hospitalized in Boston, a spokesman for a hospital in Cape Cod said.

Kennedy, 76, was rushed from the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport, Massachusetts, to Cape Cod Hospital at 9 a.m. (1300 GMT), a hospital spokesman told Reuters.

He was then airlifted to a Boston hospital, the spokesman said.

Kennedy had surgery last October to repair a nearly complete blockage in a major neck artery.

UPDATE: FOX News has had an hour and a half of Republican after Democrat after Republican to praise Senator Kennedy.


UPDATE 2: Lurch just arrived at the hospital.

UPDATE 3: The AP is reporting that Senator Kennedy suffered a seizure and not a stroke.

UPDATE 4: The senator’s office just reported that his condition is stable. A Kennedy associate said he suffered two seizures.

UPDATE 5: It’s always politics with Democrats… Strategist Says Kennedy Crisis Helps Obama

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