Sunni Imam: “Allah Will Send American Gorbachev From Within to Take Down Empire”

A Sunni cleric says, “Allah will soon send an American Gorbachev to end the American Empire.”

Gee… Who comes to mind first?

Add this guy to Obama’s foreign fan club.


Here’s the transcript of Lebanese Sunni Cleric Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat’s rant about the end of America, via MEMRI:

Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat’: Today, on May 10, 2008, at 22:50 – through Al-Manar TV – let me bring good tidings to the Muslims: Allah willing, the American empire will very soon collapse. They object to any talk about the destruction of the state of Israel.

Interviewer: And they are celebrating its 60th anniversary…

Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat’: That’s not the issue. We say that Allah willing, within 20 to 12 years, America will collapse. This won’t happen as a result of war. Not at all. Allah will send to America an American Gorbachev, from within. Gorbachev, who brought about the USSR collapse, was one of them. Everybody knows this story. An American Gorbachev will surface in America, and he will destroy this empire.

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