SICKO– Michael Moore Swipes Michael Yon's Photo

Antiwar propaganda artist Michael Moore swiped patriot Michael Yon’s photo and pasted it on the top of his antimilitary, antiwar, anticapitalist, anti-Bush website:

Michael Moore used Michael Yon’s award-winning photo in the header on his website:

Obviously, the word got back to Yon…
Michael Yon is aware of the infringement and wrote the antiwar Moore:

Many readers have complained that Michael Moore, in the conduct of his latest crusade against whatever he is against this month, has illegally used one of my photos on the banner of his website. Mr. Moore is not the first to have done so, and my readers can get pretty upset when it happens.

My lawyer has demanded that Mr. Moore take it down.

Michael Yon has more at his website.
Hat Tip Thresherman at Power Line Forum

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