Oh Brother… Obama Listed as One of Nation's Fittest Guys

Put down the food.
Even fitness magazines are starting to make up silly crap about Obama.

Men’s Fitness lists Obama as one of the nation’s “Top 25 Fittest Guys.”

Yeah, right!
Hat Tip Bob

FOX Embed and LGF Quick Links reported:


According to Men’s Fitness magazine (out May 19th), Barack Obama is not just the fittest politician in the race for the presidency – he’s one of the nation’s 25 fittest guys.

So you don’t have to wait till next week – here’s the magazine’s reasoning:

“It takes a certain stamina to endure months of 16-hour days in pursuit of the land’s highest office. Obama is not the first politician dedicated to fitness, but the Illinois senator starts every day with a morning workout, whether it’s machines at the hotel gym or a brisk 45-minute run. He’s also quit smoking. Obama can beexcused for enjoying the occasional state-fair corn dog because he mostly stays away from fatty foods. He’s also, as we’ve seen, a bit of a baller. Nicknamed “Barry O’Bomber” for his jump shot, the former high school hoopster now releases stress during pickup games—including one on every primary day. “He’s wiry-looking but actually pretty strong,” former Duke player and Obama staffer Reggie Love has said. “And he hates losing.He plays hard.” Now that we know.”

Anyone with the least bit of intellectual honesty would have to admit this is ridiculous.

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