Obama Takes North Carolina– Hillary Takes Indiana–

FOX News reported:

Barack Obama won the North Carolina Democratic primary Tuesday, FOX News projects, preventing Hillary Clinton from staging an election-day upset in the Tar Heel State.

Clinton took the early lead in Indiana, but it was still too early to call the race.

The two states are the last big contests on the primary calendar and together offer the final chance for the candidates to make a serious dent in the delegate counts.

Obama consistently led in North Carolina polls, but Clinton was making inroads in recent weeks, closing his lead to single digits.

In North Carolina–

Obama won thanks in huge part due to black voters- 91% to 6%
Clinton won 59% of white vote to Obama 36%
12% of voters were under 30 voted today.
Obama won a majority of theses young voters, college educated along with those with no college degree.


Stephen Green is liveblogging at Pajamas Media.

ABC News reported that the Wright Controversy cast a shadow in the Indiana and North Carolina voting today.

UPDATE: (7:20 PM CST) Hillary wins Indiana according to CBS.

Obama is speaking in North Carolina– Barack mentioned his father’s casket was draped with the American flag(?)
He’s ready to put the Wright controversy behind him.

UPDATE 2: KentuckyVotes.org says there was good news for McCain tonight.

UPDATE 3: You could see this coming… Hillary ends her speech urging Democrats to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates.

UPDATE 4: Mary Katharine Ham has a telling photo from the Obama rally.

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