Obama Takes Heat For Ditching Petraeus & Troops In Iraq

It’s been 871 days since Barack Obama has been to Iraq.

Vets For Freedom hope that Barack Obama can get enough nerve up to visit the troops in Iraq and General Petraeus to see the great progress since he was there last.

Here is their latest ad urging Barack Obama and Democrats to finally admit the truth…
That the Bush Surge is working:

Obama has been to Iraq once, in 2006.


Jim Geraghty wrote today on Barack Obama’s willingness to sit down with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the crazed president of the ruling regime in Iran, but not General Petraeus, the outstanding commander who has turned the war around in Iraq.
The Campaign Spot reported on Obama’s weak response to Senator McCain on the invitation to join him on a trip to Iraq to see the progress:

John McCain’s proposal is nothing more than a political stunt, and we don’t need any more ‘Mission Accomplished’ banners or walks through Baghdad markets to know that Iraq’s leaders have not made the political progress that was the stated purpose of the surge. The American people don’t want any more false promises of progress, they deserve a real debate about a war that has overstretched our military, and cost us thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars without making us safer.”

Funny… To top this “political stunt,” the Obama campaign pulled one of their own.
They announced later today that the foreign policy gaffer may take a quick trip over to Iraq in the near future.
Let’s hope he has an easier time finding Iraq than he did finding Kentucky.

HotAir has more on Obama’s response to McCain.

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