Obama Supporters Protest McCain– Interrupt Denver Speech

Obama Supporters Interrupt Senator John McCain in Denver

Today Senator John McCain spoke in Denver on the issue of nuclear security.

Within 10 minutes of the opening of his speech he was interrupted 4 different times by radical Leftists.

The protesters were supporters of Barack Obama.

Zoe Williams, of CODEPINK, protest the Iraq War during Sen. John McCain’s speech at DU on May 27, 2008. (THE DENVER POST | RJ SANGOSTI)
Zoe Williams is Code Pink’s Denver coordinator.


Code Pink members have bundled “at least $50,000” in donations for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.
Back Talk reported this earlier on Barack Obama’s Code Pink support:

The co-founder of the radical anti-war group Code Pink has “bundled” more than $50,000 for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and pro-troops groups are demanding that he return the money.

Jodie Evans, a Code Pink leader, gathered at least $50,000 from friends and associates and donated it to Obama’s presidential campaign, according to information compiled by the nonpartisan watchdog group, Public Citizen.

Evans and her son, a student who lives at her Southern California address, each also gave the maximum individual allowable donation of $2,300 to Obama’s campaign.

The donations have raised questions about Obama’s association with the more radical elements of his base. Code Pink has harassed, vandalized and impeded military recruiters across the United States in a campaign it calls “counter-recruitment.” The group also gave $600,000 to the families of Iraqi terrorists in Fallujah, whom it called “insurgents” fighting for their homes.

Another Obama supporter said she has a son in the military today(?)

Thornton residents Eva Henry and her daughter, 24-year-old Danielle, got up at 5 a.m. to attend the Barack Obama speech in Denver on January 30, 2008. (on left- Rocky Mountain News) And, on right, Eva Henry, mother of U.S. soldier(?) protests McCain appearance today. (Rocky Mountain News)

Also in attendance to interrupt Senator McCain’s speech was Garett Reppenhagen from the Far Left group Iraq Veterans Against the War:

Iraq Veteran Against the War member Garett Reppenhagen holds up banner during the McCain speech.
(Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News)
Senator Obama wants to surrender Iraq like the IVAW.

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