Obama Knows Why He's Attracted Attacks: Because "I am an African-American Named Barack Obama"

During his Today Show interview today:

(2 minutes 50 seconds into the interview)

Barack Obama: I think it is fair to say that both Michelle and I grew up in much less privilege than either of our m two potential opponents.

Today Show Host Viera: But they’re not the ones being called elitist. Why do you think that is?

Barack Obama: Well, I think… Let’s be honest. Here I am an African-American named Barack Obama. Right?… Who’s running for president. That’s a leap for folks.

From Michelle and Barack Obama’s interview today on The Today Show as reported by MSNBC:

Obama knows why he’s attracted the attacks. “Here I am. An African-American named Barack Obama who’s running for president,” he said with a chuckle. “I mean, that’s a leap for folks.”

Remember that line the next time you want to criticize Obama for choosing a toxic pastor or for attacking middle class Americans for “clinging to guns and religion.”
You’re only doing that because he is a black American.


Meanwhile, Michelle Obama sees a whole new America already since Obama started his campaign last year:

Michelle Obama said she’s proud of the way Obama has altered America’s political landscape, citing “the fundamental changes that he has made in just 15 months in the way that people see themselves, the way people see their futures, the way that young people are looking at their possibilities, the way we’re talking about politics, even though we slip sometimes, and we still get pulled down into the old ways of playing the political game. Changes have happened.”

It is interesting that the most racist and vile comments during their campaign have come from their pastor not mean America.

Tom Maguire agrees… It’s time to change the subject.

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