OBAMA GIVES UP TRINITY CHURCH MEMBERSHIP …Update: Will Not Denounce Church! (Video)

Obama says-

I will not denounce the church. It is not a church worthy of denouncing.”

SHOCKER– Obama Finally Gives Up Membership to Anti-White Church!!!

It looks like it’s getting crowded under that bus.

Obama Leaves Trinity United Church of Christ!
The likely Democratic nominee finally leaves his toxic church after news broke on the vile hateful preaching coming from its ministers and guests.

When even the Associated Press notices the racism and standing ovations at Obama’s church it became a problem:

After this week’s latest outrageous racist outburst at the altar of Trinity United Church of Christ Barack Obama has finally decided to leave the church.
It’s already being called a wimp out.

FOX News just confirmed the story.
Gee, do you think this is a political move by Obama?

Barack Obama was pictured on the cover of the church’s Trumpet Magazine several times and has attended the church for over 20 years.

Just like he did with Jeremiah Wright, it took another outburst at the alter before Obama decided to distance himself from the racist church.
Politico reports on the story.

UPDATE: Obama is answering questions after his Trinity speech.
He is basically grouping all churches into the same category as his hateful church in Chicago. He says he is comfortable with finding a church that he can be comfortable with.

Obama just denied that he joined the church as a political move. He is offended by the suggestion. This was an argument by his defenders saying that he only sat in the church because it was a good political move.

Obama claims this was a personal move and not a political one– That’s why he waited until this latest story broke to quit the church.

Obama says this is one (issue) he didn’t see coming– That’s why he did not invite his controversial pastor to his initial announcement that he was running for president.

Obama sent the letter on Friday but CNN was going to leak the letter so he decided to give a press conference. Obama said he was not going to make political theater out of it.

Obama says he didn’t want his church experience to be a political circus(?)

Obama is not denouncing the church- “It is not a church worthy of denouncing!!”
here’s the video:


Obama says there is an urgency in lots of churches to speak out against racism or inequality.

Obama assumes God will lead him to a place where he can do His work.

Obama says the Christian Church is not a place to avoid the problems in the world.
He hopes to find a pastor who can speak out on those issues.

UPDATE: Trinity Church releases a statement saying they understand his decision.

Pajamas Media is following the developments.

More… Kate adds– “There goes that historic, transcendent, life-changing, not since the Gettysburg Address, “I have a dream,” must-be-taught-in-every-school race speech. It didn’t hold up three months, let alone the time it would take to print up new textbooks.”

Let Freedom Ring wonders– “A truly post-racial, postpartisan politician would’ve left long before the YouTube videos appeared.”

UPDATE 2: Bob Owens has the Obama quote of the day.

UPDATE 3: Power Line may have said it best on Obama’s come to Jesus moments:

Obama also vaguely referred to “a cultural and a stylistic gap” as a source of the problem. Perhaps the entire saga is little more than a tribute to the incomprehension of unsophisticated outsiders. Such outsiders lack the tools necessary to understand the reflections of Reverend Wright and his ilk in churches espousing black liberation theology. As in “Cool Hand Luke,” according to Obama, what we have here is failure to communicate. Unfortunately, not a single member of the press sought further elaboration from Obama on that point.

UPDATE 4: Sweetness and Light has a copy of Obama’s Trinity Letter.
Doug Ross says Obama finally swiftboated his church.

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