Obama Cans Advisor For Holding Talks With Hamas Terrorists

No wonder Hamas supports Obama?
One of Obama’s advisors held several meetings with the Palestinian terrorist organization:

One of Barack Obama’s Middle East policy advisers disclosed today that he had held meetings with the militant Palestinian group Hamas – prompting the likely Democratic nominee to sever all links with him.

Robert Malley told The Times he had regularly been in contact with Hamas, which controls Gaza but is listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organisation. Such talks, he stressed, were related to his work for a conflict resolution think tank and had no connection with his position on Mr Obama’s Middle East advisory council.

“I’ve never hidden the fact that in my job with the International Crisis Group I meet all kinds of people,” he added.

Ace of Spades has more on the Malley’s International Crisis Group.

Earlier Friday, Hamas terrorists killed an Israeli man and father of four after firing a barrage of rockets into southern Israel.


Now, Wasn’t Barack Obama just whining about being associated with Hamas, yesterday?

UPDATE: Paul at Power Line notes that Malley like several other of Obama’s advisers, oozes hostility towards Israel and sympathy for its enemies and that the Obama campaign is attempting to downplay Malley’s role.

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