Mr. Gay UK Eats Advertising Executive

Anthony Morley was busted after making strange comments at the local Chinese Restaurant. (GUK)

JWF and Pink News reported:

The first ever recorded winner of the Mr Gay UK competition Anthony Francis Morley (also known as Anthony Morley) , has been charged with the murder of Damian Oldfield, a 33 year man worked for the company that runs the Mr Gay UK competition.

Mr Oldfield was allegedly stabbed to death by Anthony Morley on 24th April.

Police were called after comments the suspect made in a local Chine take-away, officers then discovered the body of Mr Oldfield.

In a gruesome twist, local press have reported that police found chunks of the victims leg had been cut off and were in a saucepan on the stove. The Yorkshire Evening Post reported on Saturday: “Horrified detectives then found a diced up section of flesh on a kitchen worktop which had been cooked.

Tests proved the flesh was human. Officers are now having to consider the possibility that the killer had “eaten some of the flesh.”

Soon after the incident Yorkshire Police said in a statement:

“Police were called to Bexley Place in Harehills at 2.30am on Thursday, April 24.

“On arrival officers discovered the body of a 33 year old man”

Mr. Oldfield was an advertizing executive working with the Mr. Gay UK competition. (Pink)

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