MEDIA IGNORES Petraeus Hearings & Good News From Iraq

The Media totally ignored the Petraeus hearings this week on progress in Iraq.
Was this by accident?… Or, was the news just too much for the American public to handle?… Do you think they’d ignore the news if violence was at a 4 year high instead of a 4 year low?

** Thankfully Amy Proctor covered the hearings and posted several video clips.

In this clip Senator Joe Lieberman congratualates General David Petraeus and General Raymond Odierno for saving Iraq:

Leiberman offered:


“Military analysyts Fred and Kim Kagan wrote (“The Patton of Counterinsurgency“) and I quote, ‘Great commanders often come in pairs- Eisenhower and Patton, Grant and Sherman. Generals David Patraeus and Raymond Odierno can now be added to that list… I think the two of you have now earned your your place in the ranks of the most impressive military commanders in American history.”

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