It's Time For Republicans to Step Up

I Second The Anchoress… Who’s With Me?

Now is the time for Republicans & conservatives to act.
It’s time for Republicans to get over their bickering and unite for the future of a free America.

When Democrats are talking about nationalizing health care and energy, renogotiating free trade pacts and surrendering in the War on Terror, Republicans must get it together.
The Anchoress had this to say today:

Especially now that Nancy Pelosi – as incompetent a House Speaker as has ever held the post – has decided that Congress does not even have to send the president whole and complete bills (staggering arrogance!), if the GOP does not find the gumption to first DEMAND a revote and then do a 180 and represent the will of the people over their own fat, they deserve to lose everything, for the foreseeable future.

Ed Morrissey explains it better than I can.

It seems to me that McCain and the GOP can pull out a last-minute rehabilitation of themselves before the election if they take a few really sensible steps:

1) Start demanding that America drill, process and refine her own energy resources (and consider serious alternatives and nuclear power) instead of being held hostage to foreign governments while China drills 75 miles off our shores.

2) Start making serious noise about the do-nothing, obstructionist congress that is completely out-of-order under Speak Pelosi. It wasn’t great before she got in; it is now a parody of our legislative branch.

3) Get in front of the cameras and start taking back a few narratives. Refuse to join in Obama Hosannas. Start talking about the scientists who are debunking global warming. Start to talk victory against terrorism and in Iraq and even (gasp!) take some credit and give the troops and president some credit for it too. After all, the Dems see the writing on the wall; they’re beginning to take some – they ain’t shy!

There’s more at The Anchoress.
Thanks Larwyn

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