It Was a Bogus Story 2 Days Ago… But, Who Cares?… TIME Mag Throws It Out There Anyway

TIME Magazine followed the AP in reporting the same bogus story on Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq.

Here’s TIME‘s report on the honorable Ayatollah Sistani today:

The Return of Iraq’s Ayatollah

Crocker, who said he had been to Najaf only once before, visited amid speculation that Sistani is losing patience with the U.S. presence in Iraq. In recent days, there have been reports that Sistani has been quietly issuing religious edicts, or fatwas, calling for the armed resistance to U.S. forces. Such a move by Sistani would essentially mark a reversal of his passive cooperation with the U.S. enterprise in Iraq to date. However, Sistani’s aides deny the reports. “Nothing like that came from the office of the ayatollah,” said Hamid al-Kahfaff, a spokesman for Sistani in Najaf.

Two days ago the AP reported that Iraq’s moderate and popular Ayatollah Ali Sistani was issuing fatwas for Iraqis to go out and kill US soldiers.

Iraqi-American blogger Nibras Kazimi at Talisman Gate quickly dismissed the report as a “Red Herring Fatwa.”


Sure enough, after a few hours the Iraqi website Iraq Alalaan disputed the shocking report by the Associated Press.

Iraqi website Aswat Al-Iraq also disputed the AP report:

“The reports of issuing fatwa by the Shiite cleric Sistani permiting taking up arms to drive foreign troops out of Iraq were baseless”.
Internationa news agencies reported Sistani issued a fatwa, an edict, legalizing Iraqis to hold up arms to drive US troops out of Iraq.

Iraq Pundit and Iraq Slogger also reported that the AP’s report was bogus.

But, today TIME Magazine decided to throw it out there anyway…
Even after Sistani’s aides disputed it.
Hey, why not?

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