Iraqi Sunnis Beg Arab States For Help Against "Iranian Occupation"

A group of Iraqi Sunni leaders on a trip to Egypt urged Arab States to help against the “Iranian Occupation” of Iraq.
The AFP reported:

An Iraqi Sunni delegation on a visit to Cairo on Wednesday urged Arab countries to act against what it called the “Iranian occupation” of Iraq.

“We would like a common Arab position to save Iraq and its people …(in the face of) the Iranian occupation,” Sheikh Majid Abdel Razzak al-Ali Suleiman said after a meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit.

“Such an Arab position, led by Egypt, is necessary to weaken Iran’s role in Iraq, because if Tehran occupies this country, it will occupy other Arab countries too,” said the head of the Dulaim tribe, which is concentrated mainly in Anbar province, west of Baghdad.

Sunni tribes from Anbar, a onetime stronghold of the anti-US insurgency, have recently allied themselves with US troops against Al-Qaeda militants, while keeping their distance from the Baghdad government dominated by Shiites.

The delegation also called on Arab countries to re-open their missions in Baghdad “so that the territory is not left to Iran.”

Suleiman said that all Iraqis, whether from north or south, “are ready to guarantee Arab diplomats’ security.”

But, I thought the Americans were the occupiers?
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It should be noted that Nibras Kazimi says that Sheikh Majid Abdel Razzak al-Ali Suleiman is a clown.


Meanwhile… An Islamic militant admits that Iran is supporting Iraq’s Sunni fighters, too!

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