Iran Records 15,000 Drug Busts in First Month of New Year

The Iranian Regime recorded 15,000 drug busts in the first month of the Iranian New Year which began on March 20th.
Iranian Rooz Online reported:

Though the chief of Iran’s national police force, Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam, had ‎previously announced a sharp reduction in the volume of drug imports into Iran, the ‎police commander for drug control reported this week the discovery of 35 tons and 299 ‎kilograms of various kinds of drugs and 15-thousand drug related arrests in the first ‎month of the Persian new year (which began on March 20th, 2008) alone. ‎

Releasing statistics on the number of drug-related deaths and arrests in the first month of ‎the new year, Hamid Reza Hosseinabadi said, “In Farvardin [March-April] of this year, ‎the police carried out 161 anti-drug operations in which 53 smugglers were killed, two ‎injured, and 15 thousand and 769 drug smugglers and distributors were arrested.” ‎

The police commander for drug control noted that in Farvardin alone 1 ton and 442 ‎kilograms of heroin (indicating a 39% increase compared to same period last year), 30 ‎tons and 828 kilograms of opium (40% increase), 101 kilograms of morphine, 2 tons and ‎‎692 kilograms of Hashis and 234 kilograms of other drugs were discovered and seized by ‎the polices. Hosseinabadi added: “Discovery of drugs in Farvardin of 1387 showed a 16 ‎percent increase compared to the same period last year.” ‎

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