Hillary Whomps Obama In West Virginia– Wright Factor Impacts Vote …Update: Rove Klans Byrd (Video)

Hillary whomped Obama today as in West Virginia.

UPDATE: Karl Rove Klans Byrd:

Don’t forget… “Senator Byrd, when he was a young man, was active in the Ku Klux Klan.”

** 7 in 10 voters believe that Obama shares the views of his pastor and father-figure, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.


Hillary thumped Obama today in the West Virginia Democratic Primary.
FOX News reported:

Hillary Clinton has beaten Barack Obama by a decisive margin in the West Virginia Democratic primary, FOX News projects.

Exit polls indicate that Clinton is winning by roughly 2-to-1. She is capturing almost every demographic group, doing particularly well among the large group of white, working-class voters in the state.

West Virginia offers just 28 pledged delegates, and so Clinton’s victory Tuesday, which was widely expected, can have little impact of the overall trajectory of the race. Obama, leading Clinton by a wide margin in total delegates overall, has already started turning his campaign toward the general election.

But the win prolongs the race and fuels Clinton’s argument that she is able to carry groups that will be important to Democrats in November.

“I don’t see the inevitable,” Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told FOX News Tuesday afternoon. “Why is it … that she can have a double-digit lead here (in West Virginia)? … She’s winning a lot of these big states … in our mind we’re going on right to the end, we’re gonna be the nominee.”

But that is not all of the bad news for Obama…
7 in 10 voters said that Obama shared the views of his hateful anti-American pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
The AP reported:

Two in 10 voters said Obama shares the views of his fiery former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “a lot” and three in 10 said Obama shares Wright’s views “somewhat.” Nearly a quarter said Obama shares Wright’s views “not much” and a quarter said the candidate doesn’t share his one-time preacher’s views at all.

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UPDATE 2: Hillary gave her speech in West Virginia tonight.
Her gloomy husband was not standing in the background this time.
As expected, Hillary begged for cash- bashed Bush.

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