Hillary-Supporting Pastor: "Obama & Wright Are Gay Lovers"

Oh boy.

Hillary supporter Pastor James David Manning released a new video this week.
In this video the pastor Manning lashes out at Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright and Oprah Winfrey.

Pastor Manning does not attack Barack Obama’s “white trash” mother in this clip.
Instead he accuses Obama and Wright of being gay lovers.
Here it is, for what it’s worth:

Pastor Manning:

“The Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright is a closet homosexual. The Senator Barack Hussein Obama is a closet homosexual. The Oprah Winfrey is a suspected lesbian. These three, all members of the Trinity United Church in Chicago, Illinois. The reason why Senator Barack Hussein Obama stayed within the Trinity of hell for so long for 20 years is because of a homosexual relationship with its minister…”

And, there you have it.


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