Hezbollah Has Successfully Expanded Operations Inside of Africa.

W. Thomas Smith Jr. at World Defense Review reported recently that Hezbollah has moved into the ungoverned regions of Africa. Now, Tom has photos to back up his claims from a recent Hezbollah rally in Nigeria:

As I and others have reported with increasing frequency over the past few months, terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are increasingly developing forward operating bases in many of Africa’s “ungoverned” – or poorly governed – regions.

Additionally, these groups – as unlikely allies as they may be – are coordinating their efforts more and more. We’ve seen quite a bit of this in North African countries like Morocco and East African Somalia, wherein captured or hunted Jihadists have been determined to have received tactical training by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then received funding and were taught the finer points of bomb-making by Hezbollah in Lebanon (I wrote about this at Human Events and Townhall.com).

The disturbing thing about these African bases of operation is that they are frequently being used as launching points for terrorist operations worldwide. Europe – just across the Mediterranean and with large African-emigrant populations – is extremely vulnerable (which may have something to do with the European parliament’s calling for the “disarming of Hezbollah,” yesterday, in the wake of Hezbollah’s political gains in Lebanon while pretty much getting a free pass from the rest of the international community)…

The following images are apparently of Hezbollah activities in Nigeria: Note the Hezbollah flags, the posters of Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah, the Iranian Ayatollahs (One dead, one living; and remember, Iran funds Lebanon-based Hezbollah to the tune of $ one-billion a year.), and the late Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin.

Note that the images are of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nazrallah, Iranian Ayatollah’s Khomeini and Khamenei and Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin. And, it looks like one of the images is of Sudanese Al-Qaeda leader Hassan al-Turabi(?)
This shows that Hezbollah, Hamas and Al-Qaeda are coordinating their efforts more and more.

World Defense Review has more photos from this Hezbollah rally.


Hmm. Maybe if Barack would just sit and talk with them awhile and discussed areas of mutual interest he could clear this up?

Thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi for the story.

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