NOW Lebanon reports that at least 7 are dead.
Blacksmiths of Lebanon has running updates on the violence.
Charles Malik says: “The RPGs make an interesting suction sound as they are fired.”
Beirut Spring analyzes Nasrallah’s speech.
Snapped Shot reported that Hezbollah is making a move on the parliament building.
Talisman Gate explains how the defeat in Sadr City led to today’s rioting in Beirut.

And, The Los Angeles Times picks sides…

And, they choose Hezbollah.
How else do you explain this headline calling the democratically-elected majority government- the pro-West regime(?) while ignoring the photo of a Hezbollah thug ransacking the city of Beirut in the background?

Reuters calls the Hezbollah terrorist infiltrating Beirut- the “Shiite opposition.”
Shi’ite opposition gunmen take positions during clashes with pro-government supporters in a street in Beirut May 8, 2008. Explosions and gunfire rocked Beirut on Thursday as fighters loyal to Hezbollah battled pro-government supporters in the Lebanese capital, security sources said. (REUTERS/ Ezzat Attar)


The military is pinned down in the Beirut neighborhoods.
CNN captures video of the fighting:

The mainstream media is trying to keep up with the death toll as armed Hezbollah terrorists continue to occupy the streets.
Reuters reported:

Fierce clashes raged in Beirut on Thursday after the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah said the U.S.-supported Lebanese government had declared war by targeting its military communications network.

Security sources said the fighting killed at least six people and wounded 15. The sound of exploding grenades and automatic gunfire was heard into the night in the worst internal strife since the 1975-90 civil war.

Lebanese governing coalition leader Saad al-Hariri proposed a deal to end the crisis under which government decisions that infuriated Hezbollah would be considered a “misunderstanding”.

The decisions would then be referred to the Lebanese army, which has been neutral in the confrontations, giving army commander General Michel Suleiman the option to suspend their implementation…

The U.N. Security Council called for “calm and restraint“, (blah!) urging all sides to return to peaceful dialogue. The White House urged Hezbollah to stop “disruptive” acts.

Fighters from Shi’ite movements Hezbollah and Amal group exchanged assault rifle fire and rocket-propelled grenades with pro-government gunmen, including fighters loyal to the Sunni Future movement, in several areas of the capital.

It’s about time for Hezbollah to shoot one of their fighters in the back and parade his “martyred” body around in the streets of Beirut.

A Gift From Tehran– ARMED HEZBOLLAH THUGS Roam Beirut
CLASHES IN BEIRUT– Hezbollah Declares Lebanese Army an Enemy!

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