Geraldine Ferraro Stunner: "Media Is Racist Against Whites"

Geraldine Ferraro Stunner—
The former Democratic VP Candidate says she does not know if she will vote for Barack Obama in the fall. She says like Michelle Obama she will make up her mind when the time comes.

Greta Van Susteren at FOX News interviewed the former Democratic Candidate for Vice President and Geraldine did not hold back.

Ferraro attacked the mainstream media for its sexism and “racism against whites”:
(1 minute 56 seconds)

Geraldine Ferraro on voting for Obama:


“I intend to do precisely what Michelle Obama said when she was asked that exact same question if Hillary were the nominee. I intend to think about it and I’m going to look at a whole bunch of issues… And, obviously the Democratic Party felt that was a good idea because nobody objected to her saying that in February.”

Geraldine Ferraro on sexism and racism in America and the media:

“These two historic candidacies in 2008 would take racism and sexism and show the world that it is not in the DNA of the United States to deal with those issues the way they were dealt with years and years ago. Well folks, I was proven wrong. It is in the DNA of this country and it’s in the DNA of the press. And, I think the press has been absolutely, unbelievably sexist and in some instances racist; not racist against blacks but in some instances racist against whites; picking up everything that was said and running with it as if it’s true; attacking people for speaking up.”

“I have to tell you I hear people… they come up to me and say they’re worried. They’re worried about what the future has because anytime anyone who speaks up who’s white, it’s a problem… Again, I don’t think it’s racism, it’s racial resentment.”

…Pass the popcorn, Nahanni.

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