Frisched— C*nt-Calling Dem Official & "Minister" Suffers Meltdown


Do you remember the Democratic operative, Huffington Post reporter, and self-proclaimed moonbat “minister,” who was not a minister, who confronted John McCain last week about calling his wife a c*nt?
Here’s the video again in case you missed it:
(Warning on Language)

(Did you notice how he said that he was in a verbally abusive relationship? Keep that in mind.)

Well, it turned out the self-proclaimed “minister” was not a minister but that didn’t stop him from asking for donations on his website.

Well, the story goes from outrageous, to bad, to worse, for self-proclaimed “minister” Marty Parrish.
Here’s an exchange Marty had with a commenter this weekend on his website:

Eric said:

wow! I read all of it and I am very impressed. Marty……this is excellent! I am in shock almost….lol Good job and you, with out doubt, a true Patriot. I have nothing but respect for you. Infact if you dont mind I would like to post a blog about all of this on my site. Thankyou for doing what you did. Someone has to and there you were……..saving the world. Nice Job Marty! I love it.

Marty Parrish said:

You are very welcome. You may use any thing on this site that you wish.

David said:

Eric, before associating yourself with this fraud go to powerline to see what’s up minister? LOL your church disowned you

Word-Drum said:

I heard you on John Gibson. I knew liberals were pussys, with no sense of decency or honor, but you are a freak. I hope you continue to represent the truly sick Left. Stand up (if your girl friend lets you) and show us more. McCain is a real man and doesn’t have a c*nt like you.

Marty replied:

Come here.

I will kick YOUR ASS to hell.

Do NOT f*ck with ME.



Marty Tarrel Parrish.

That’s not all.
Marty pulled down the post where he was asking for donations.
Apparently, Marty the “minister” sparred with a few commenters on his blog and threatened to track them all down and attack them while they slept.
Hat Tip Beto Ochoa

Marty Parrish is the former Des Moines Biden Campaign Office Manager.

Keep it classy, Democrats.

Dem Operative Asks McCain If He Called His Wife a C*nt
BUSTED!! McCain’s “C*nt Questioner” Is a Huffpo Reporter!!
Biden Campaign Officials Form Official Democrat C*nt Patrol

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