FARC Connections to German Leftists & US Democrats Exposed

The FARC terror group was holding meetings with German officials according to documents discovered on rebel leader Raul Reyes’ computers that were captured after his death.
The Local reported:

Left-wing Colombian FARC rebels had contacts with leftist groups in Germany, according to data on a laptop belonging to slain commander Raul Reyes, German magazine Der Spiegel reported on Sunday.

Reyes, the number two commander in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was killed on March 1 in a raid by Colombian forces just inside Ecuador.

Emails on his laptop show that in January 2005 he sent his son to Germany in a secret mission, Der Spiegel said in an article to be published Monday.

There his son met with members of the German communist party and with far-left politician Wolfgang Gehrcke (pictured), who offered to press the European Parliament to take the FARC off its list of terrorist organizations.

“It was a very positive meeting,” Der Spiegel quotes an email found on Reyes’s laptop. “We were able to substantiate several points to reactivate solidarity with the struggle of the Colombian people.”

There are also reports that FARC actually set up a branch in Germany.

US Democrat Rep. James McGovern (D-Mass) was also offering the Marxist FARC terrorists assistance.
While at the same time he was undermining the Colombian government.


This information was discovered on the computer of FARC rebel leader Raul Reyes after his death in March at an Ecuadorean FARC camp.
Last week Interpol confirmed the the computers were not tampered with or the documents manufactured by the Colombian government.

One of the documents shows that US Congressman James McGovern (D., Mass.) (pictured), a leading opponent of the Colombia free-trade deal has been working with a go-between, who has been offering the FARC terrorists help in undermining Colombia’s elected and popular government.
Colombia is America’s closest ally in South America.

But, for some odd reason, this news that an American Congressman was reportedly communicating with FARC and working against America’s ally Colombia has yet to be reported by the major media with the exception of the Wall Street Journal.

Also today- FARC named a new leader:

A FARC insurgent official has named Alfonso Cano, the dominant ideologist of FARC, as successor to the late commander, Manual Marulanda.

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