Ex-Gitmo Chaplain Cleared in Spy Case Is Obama Delegate

More Hope and Change-

The former Gitmo Chaplain accused of spying was just elected an Obama delegate.
The AP and LGF Quick Links reported:

A former Army chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who was cleared of spy accusations will be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Former Capt. James J. Yee, a Muslim, was among the delegates pledged to Sen. Barack Obama who were elected by precinct representatives Saturday. He’s representing the state’s 9th Congressional District at the party’s convention in Denver in August.

The West Point graduate was accused in 2003 of being part of a spy ring at the U.S. prison for suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

Court-martial charges against Yee were dropped on March 19, 2004. Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller cited that national security concerns would arise from the release of the evidence against him.
From his profile at Wikipedia:

On October 19, 2007, Syrian television broadcast its interview with Yee, in Arabic, where he repeated detainees’ claims of Koran abuse on the part of the U.S. military.

In December 2007 Yee made a statement on Australian Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks, who he regularly counselled while working at Guantanamo Bay. He said that he did not feel Hicks was a threat to Australia, and that “Any American soldier who has been through basic training has had 50 times more training than this guy.”

Yee will be a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention from the 9th Congressional District of the state of Washington, pledged to support Barack Obama.

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