DePaul Harasses Conservatives For Protection Money

This is like the days when you had to pay the mafia protection money or get your a$$ kicked…
Except today the liberals in control of academia and the radical Leftist groups are the mob.

Jason Mattera explains how DePaul University is harassing the conservatives on campus for protection money when Chris Simcox comes to town.

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Related… The young fascists at Washington University in St. Louis are protesting because the school is going to give an honorary degree to conservative Phyllis Schlafly.
This proves once again that today’s univerisity are open and inclusive–
as long you are not Christian or conservative.

The obedient young Leftists have been protesting Schlafly all week at Washington University. (PD)


If only the universtiy would have chosen a community leader like William Ayers for the honorary degree- all would be fine and dandy.
Hat Tip Ben Phillips

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