Dems Angry That McCain Uses Petraeus's Image In His Ads, Too

The Left is suddenly upset that John McCain had the nerve to use an image of General “Betray Us” Petraeus in a campaign ad:

Now, that it is evident (or not) that the surge has been a huge success and that US casualties are at an all time low in Iraq, the Left is aghast that those who supported Petraeus are using his picture in their campaign ads.

It is a bit odd that the Left suddenly is reacting to Petraeus ads.
It was OK when they used his image to campaign for surrender:

And, it was OK to use images of soldiers in their ads:

Even if they were Canadian soldiers.


The Left could at least be consistent.

This is similar to the reaction they gave Bush when he spoke about appeasers in Israel. Lately, the Left is showing a strange sensitivity to their own policies of meeting with dictators and surrendering at war.
They probably ought to just be quiet about it- It may draw attention to how they really feel about the military.

Democrats also appear upset today that the that the troop surge worked and the US is drawing down troops in Iraq- not in defeat but in victory.

UPDATE: McClatchy Watch notes what Daily Kos said about General Petraeus a few months ago.

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