Code Pink: "We Have Met the Enemy & He Is Us" (Video)


Military mother Bev Perlson, founder of the group Band of Mothers, and other pro-military activists confronted Code Pink and Medea Benjamin at their annual dinner in New Jersey on April 27th.

Code Pink didn’t like being protested and called the cops on the military mothers.


Pat Dollard today posted on the confrontation and included this video from the Band of Mothers where Bev Perlson takes on Medea Benjamin and about a dozen other Code Pinkos.
Notice at about 1:25 in the video Code Pink comes clean on who they believe is the real enemy:
(Hint: It’s not the Al-Qaeda, Iran or the Taliban)

Pat Dollard has more photos and rehash on the protest including this from Kabuki Village Blog:

Susie slinked into sleepy little Northern New Jersey, certain she could defile our state without comment. Imagine the surprise when “Peacers” came down Route 23 and discovered it lined with American flags and patriots there standing up for our troops! The first sign that greeted them? “Code Pink… NOT WELCOME IN NEW JERSEY!”

Eagles began arriving at 10 am, in advance of the luncheon, from all over the state of New Jersey and from New York, Connecticut, Virginia and Bev Perlson, from the Band of Mothers, came all the way from Chicago! In all, we were more than 30 strong.

As each car entered the parking lot to the hotel hosting the luncheon, Eagles were there to stand up for our troops. While organizers of the lunch claimed 250 guests, unless the cars passing us were clown cars holding a few dozen each, their numbers were no where near this…in fact, it was a rather pathetic turnout for them.

Code Pink’s actual feelings about free speech for all except themselves, came within the first 15 minutes of their typically late arrival with a call to the police to remove the Eagles from the PUBLIC street in front of the hotel.

Military Mothers Crash Annual Code Pink Dinner! …Update: Code Pink Calls Cops!

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