West Memphis Church Responds to So-Called Minister Marty Parrish!

Response to the John McCain Town Hall Meeting involving “Baptist minister Marty Parrish.” Marty Parrish is an inactive member of our church. He is not a minister of this church or any other church.

Pastor Ron Kirkland Th. D.
First Baptist Church West Memphis
Sunday May 4, 2008

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Hat Tip Beto Ochoa


The McCain “C*nt questioner” is not a Baptist minister as the media reported.
Here again is the outrageous question by Huffington Post reporter, Marty Parrish:
(Warning on language)

After the disgusting confrontation at the Iowa town hall meeting, The Huffington Post and lame mainstream media tried to pass off their plant as a “Baptist Minister”:

He’s not.
He’s just a loony raging lib. Surprised?

Scott Johnson at Powerline spoke with Pastor Ron Kirkland of the First Baptist Church and posted on the conversation.

MORE… Scott also notes that Marty is hoping to raise money for his c*nt stunt.
Keep it classy, Democrats.

Dem Operative Asks McCain If He Called His Wife a C*nt
BUSTED!! McCain’s “C*nt Questioner” Is a Huffpo Reporter!!
Biden Campaign Officials Form Official Democrat C*nt Patrol

UPDATE: West Memphis Church Pastor Ron Kirkland wrote Marty Parrish about his claim that he is a minister:

Marty, I do not doubt that you received a licence from the church. I also do not doubt that the church blessed your decision to go and minister for a summer mission. A license is not recognized in any Baptist Church as anything except a local church’s encouragement of someone who expresses a desire to become a minister of the Gospel. Ordination is what makes a person a minister, but even that is not a permanent designation. You have long ago violated one of our church’s principles for being a Baptist minister with you first divorce and remarriage.

When someone is no longer involved in a local church or some church supported itinerant ministry, that person is no longer considered a Baptist Minister, He is a former Baptist minister. That does not mean that you can be useful in the Lord’s work or that God will not forgive you for any of you offences (or mine). You know that I love you as a brother, and my brother has caused a storm for me. You are forgiven, but you are no longer a Baptist Minister.

UPDATE 2: Here is part of the email response I received from Pastor Kirland:

Marty Parrish is a non-resident and inactive member of our church. We do not remove members from our church records until another church asks for them. None have asked for Marty’s records and he is still officially a member of our church. A church member who lives away from the city is called a non-resident member. One who does not attend regularly is called an inactive member. He was inactive before he moved to Iowa. Marty is not, nor has he ever been, a minister of this church or any other Southern Baptist Church.

He was licensed by this church at some distant past (he says tin 1980; those who were here at the time say earlier). Marty told me that he was licensed as a teenager just before he left on what was supposed to be a summer mission with some non-Southern Baptist mission in some state other than Arkansas. he stayed after the summer and served two churches as youth minister for a couple of years. A license is only a local church’s encouragement an individual who expresses desire we call a “calling” to become a minister. Apparently, Marty demonstrated some aptitude early during his young adult life. In Southern Baptist life, a license is not considered “ministerial credentials.” Ordination is the level of actual practicing ministers and that usually is after seminary or at least Bible college. Marty did neither. He did not serve on any other church staff after those years. By his own admission, he did not follow the Lord for many more years.

And, there you have it.

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