BUSTED!! McCain's "C*nt Questioner" Is a Huffpo Reporter!! …Update: It Was a Team Effort!


Senator Joe Biden stands with his campaign office manager Marty Parrish.

Obama Supporter and Former Joe Biden Campaign Office Manager, Marty Parrish, crashed John McCain’s town hall meeting yesterday determined to ask Senator McCain if he had called his wife a c*nt (Video HERE).

Marty Parrish is a Huffington Post contributor.


How do we know?
…Because, that’s how he registered when he arrived at the event yesterday.

Here’s a copy of the press sign-in sheet for the town hall event:

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If you look at the list you can see that there are two Huffington Post reporters listedMarty Parrish (the questioner) and Keith Dinsmore.
Guess who was filming Parrish?

Marty Parrish, an Obama supporter, signed in at the press check in as a Huffington Post reporter.

That’s some pretty thick manure– even for Iowa.

Dem Operative Asks McCain If He Called His Wife a C*nt

UPDATE: John Gibson confronts Marty Parrish on the Soros-funded organizations behind the McCain c*nt attack, via Little Green Footballs.

Marty, the “Baptist Minister,” says his church is the First Baptist Church in West Memphis, Arkansas.
His name is not listed at the church’s website.
** Tom Maguire discovers that his profile has changed in the last 48 hours to include “Baptist Minister.”
Huffpo says Marty moved to Des Moines from Arkansas last year to work for Biden.

MacsMind has more on the plant.

HuffPo writer Keith Dinsmore who signed into the event as a member of the press below Marty Parrish held an “surprise” interview with Parrish after the event.

They both signed in as HuffPo reporters.
Gee- Do you think that was a hard interview for Keith to land???
No where in the “interview” did Keith Dinsmore report that Marty Parrish works for Huffington Post.
And, Gee- Wasn’t it convenient that all of those MoveOn.org activists just happened to be outside to hand out Marty’s anti-McCain pamphlets???
This is fraudulent reporting at its worst.

UPDATE 3: Topsecretk9 found this: Huffington Post reported Keith Dinsmore was the Communications Director for the Biden Campaign in Iowa.

Tweedburst says, “Apparently the Biden campaign is the Official Democrat C*nt Patrol.”
Keep it classy, Democrats!

UPDATE 4: Glenn Reynolds asks an important question: “If these were “ordinary people” who registered as journalists from, say, Talon News instead of the HuffPo, and they asked a question involving an obscenity to Barack Obama at a town hall meeting, would the press treat the story the same way?”

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