Bush Slams Jimmy Carter For His Endless Attacks on Israel

“Popularity is fleeting… Principles are forever.”

President George W. Bush
Politico Interview
May 12, 2008

Mike Allen from The Politico interviewed President Bush today in advance of his trip to the Middle East.
During the conversation, the president was asked about Jimmy Carter:


QUESTION: Now, Mr. President, President Carter recently told Charlie Rose the next President could change America’s image in 10 minutes. Here’s what he said: “I think the next President could change the image of this country around the world in 10 minutes by making an inaugural speech that would start off and say, ‘As long as I’m President we will never torture another prisoner, as long as I’m President we will never attack or invade another country unless our own security is directly threatened.'”

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, well, what he ought to be saying is, is that America doesn’t torture. If the implication there is that we do now, then he’s wrong. And you bet we’re going to protect ourselves by the use of military force. What he really is implying is — or some imply — you can be popular; if you want to be popular in the Middle East just go blame Israel for every problem. That will make you popular. Or if you want to be popular in Europe, say you’re going to join the International Criminal Court.

Popularity is fleeting, Michael. Principles are forever.

And it should be noted that following in Jimmy’s footsteps Barack Obama advisors want to put Jerusalem on the negotiating table.

Bush also said during the interview that he was concerned that if a Democrat wins the presidency in November and withdrew troops prematurely from Iraq it would lead to a doomsday scenario.

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