Bush Lap Dog John Bolton Escapes Citizen's Arrest in Wales

Sadly, the brave Guardian columnist could not get his hands on Bush’s lap dog, John Bolton.

Unbiased Guardian columnist George Monbiot was blocked from making a citizen’s arrest of John Bolton today in Wales. (Telegraph)
FOX News reported:

John Bolton managed to escape a British journalist’s attempt to place him under citizen’s arrest Wednesday evening at a festival in Wales.

The Telegraph newspaper reported that Guardian columnist George Monbiot, a critic of the Iraq war, tried to arrest the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations as he was exiting the stage at the Hay Literary Festival. The Telegraph earlier reported that Monbiot would try to arrest Bolton for war crimes.

According to the article, Monbiot was blocked by two security guards, and Bolton was ushered away even as Monbiot attempted to dart after him once he was released. Monbiot reportedly said he was “disappointed” he was unable to make the arrest.

“This was a serious attempt to bring one of the perpetrators of the Iraq war to justice, for what is described under the Nuremberg Principles as an international crime,” he was quoted as saying.

George Monbiot was led away as the tried to make his citizen’s arrest. (BBC)

Monbiot posted the charges against John Bolton on his blog.

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