AP: Un-Ejicated Whites Hurt Barock Obomma

Pleese Halp Us Barock Obomma!

The AP reported today that those uneducated white people are hurting the Messiah:

Polls: Less-educated whites hurt Obama
By The Associated Press – 4 hours ago


According to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll in April, the certain Republican presidential nominee John McCain would get more votes than Hillary Rodham Clinton from white voters who have not finished college, 43 percent to 30 percent. Barack Obama would do even worse than Clinton, trailing McCain with this group 44 percent to 22 percent. McCain has a 23-percentage point lead against Clinton among whites who have graduated college, but just an eight-point margin over Obama with that group.


Obama was viewed unfavorably in April by 53 percent of whites without college degrees, up from 41 percent in November’s AP-Yahoo poll. Clinton’s negative ratings with that group have not really changed, but have not gotten better, either. Fifty-seven percent of these voters had unfavorable views of Clinton in November, and 55 percent did in April. McCain’s negative views from them sat at 32 percent both months.

Michael Barone says Jeremiah Wright is the one hurting Barack Obama.

UPDATE: Huffington Post says this news is just Clinton racially-obsessed spin.
The polls are meaningless.
Here’s more:

Nary a superdelegate can go on Fox News without being berated by an anchorperson screeching (this is pretty close to an exact quote): “But your duty as a superdelegate is to select the most electable and that’s Hillary Clinton!” That these anchorpersons are Republican partisans openly cheering for Senator Clinton is our first clue of the game afoot. One of the major successes of Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos is that it has got all the right-wing pundits and reporters marching lockstep behind the effort to give Clinton enough oxygen to keep slashing away at Senator Obama, who remains the prohibitive likely Democratic nominee.

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