Al-Qaeda At It's Weakest State Since US Invasion of Iraq in 2003

–This follows the news yesterday that global terror attacks are down 40% since 2001.

Here’s some great news for America and bad news for the Bush-bashers…
Al-Qaeda is at its weakest state since the US led invasion of Iraq 5 years ago.
FOX News reported:

The Al Qaeda terror group in Iraq appears to be at its weakest state since it gained an initial foothold in the aftermath of the U.S.-led invasion five years ago, the acting commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East said Wednesday in an Associated Press interview.

Army Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey, who assumed interim command of U.S. Central Command on March 28, acknowledged that AlQaeda remains a relentless foe and has not disappeared as a serious threat to stability. But he said an accelerated U.S. and Iraq campaign to pressure Al Qaeda has paid big dividends.

“Our forces and the Iraqi forces have certainly disrupted Al Qaeda, probably to a level that we haven’t seen at any time in my experience,” said Dempsey, who served in Iraq in the initial stages as a division commander and later as head of the military organization in charge of training Iraqi security forces.

“They can regenerate, and do from time to time,” he added in the interview in his office at Central Command headquarters.

Dempsey was in Iraq last week on a journey that also took him to Lebanon, where he consulted with the government and military commanders on their approach to dealing with Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters.

In separate remarks at a military conference just a few miles from Dempsey’s headquarters in Tampa, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the Islamic extremist movements like Al Qaeda have been “built on an illusion of success” yet in some ways pose a more daunting challenge today than on Sept. 11, 2001.

But… Sadly, there are those who believe that even with Saddam Hussein and the Taliban gone that America is somehow less safe today than before 9-11.
And, their statements go unchallenged by the press.

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