2,000 Saudis Killed in Iraq!

The Saudi human rights body (That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?) and the Iraqi human rights body will meet in Jordan to discuss the transfer of Saudi prisoners back to the Kingdom.
Over 2,000 Saudis have been killed in Iraq since the war began back in 2003.
Aswat Aliraq reported:

“Saudi-Iraqi contacts led to the agreement to hold a meeting between the Saudi human rights body and Iraqi Human Rights Ministry in Jordan,” it added.

“The Saudi move came after an international human rights organization announced that 2,000 Saudis killed in Iraq and there is unlimited number of Saudi in Iraq’s jails,” the paper reported.

“The Saudi human rights body had sent a delegation to Jordan to gather information from Iraqi and humanitarian bodies on the killing of 2,000 Saudi as well as the condition of Saudi detainees in the war-ravaged country. The Saudi body found that some Saudi was jailed because they entered the country illegally and some of them still behind bars despite they spent their time,” the paper added.
Iraqi National Security Adviser Muwafaq al-Rubaei had said that his government handed six Saudi citizens to the kingdom last March.

Records discovered at an Al-Qaeda training camp earlier this week reported that there have been 6,000 Al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq since 2003.

Democratic Candidate Barack Obama says he wants to abandon Iraq to fight Al-Qaeda.

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