Wright & Obama Helped Organize March With Louis Farrakhan

Earlier this week it was reported that Barack Obama marched with Louis Farrakhan in Washington DC:

Obama took time off from attending campaign coffees to attend October’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C. His experiences there only reinforced his reasons for jumping into politics.

But that’s not all…
In 1995, Barack Obama helped organize the Million Man March in Washington with anti-Semite and America-hating racist Louis Farrakhan:

In 1995, along with other prominent black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, Farrakhan helped lead the Million Man March on Washington. A second march, called the Millions More Movement, took place in 2005.

And… His “father figure” and mentor Jeremiah Wright, a former Muslim and black nationalist, joined him:


Mr. Wright helped organize the 1995 Million Man March on Washington.

Michael Goldfarb has more on the Million Man March and Obama.

By the way: It looks like the Trinity United Church of Christ pulled its latest edition of the Trumpet Magazine off the internet.

MORE… Victor Davis Hanson has more on Obama’s Wright problem today at Pajamas Media:

Obama’s evocation of “context” is the new/old defense that one suddenly hears to excuse extremist language against whites, moderate African-Americans, Italians, Jews, America, Israel, the WW II generation, etc. as in:

(1) The Wright slurs were just snippets; or
(2) Came in a context of historic oppression; or
(3) Were part of unique protocols of expression in black churches; or
(4) Were more than balanced by prior good works; or
(5) Were just rhetorical flourishes and hardly offensive; or
(6) The right-wing noise machine is using the Wright sound-bites for the political embarrassment of a Democratic candidate rather than due to genuine anger over his racism.

While some of these mitigations in theory might have some merit, what the Wright defenders—most prominently Sen. Obama himself—don’t realize is that the classical liberal tradition always argued that absolute standards trumped relativism and that situational ethics were never an excuse for extremism.

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