Study Details Conditions Essential to Winning Terror War

Ambassador Dore Gold sent this link to an important study recently published at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Major-General (res.) Yaakov Amidror explains the conditions essential to defeating a terrorist enemy:

Contrary to popular belief, conventional armies can indeed defeat terrorist insurgencies. This study details the six basic conditions which, if met, enable an army to fight and win the war against terrorism, among which are control of the ground where the insurgency is being waged, acquiring relevant intelligence for operations against the terrorists themselves, and isolating the insurgency from cross-border reinforcement with manpower or material.

It also examines the factors that can help drive a wedge between the local population and the insurgent forces seeking its support. The principles of war are also analyzed in terms of their applicability to asymmetric warfare to show how they still serve as a vital guide for armies in vanquishing terror.

Finally, the study warns that if the U.S., Israel, or their Western allies incorrectly conclude that they have no real military option against terrorist insurgencies – out of a fear that these conflicts inevitably result in an unwinnable quagmire – then the war on terrorism will be lost even before it is fully waged.

That last point is essential. The US cannot give up on this war against extremists. Unfortunately, there are those in society who do not understand the determined enemy we are up against.

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