Students Rally For Teacher Who Won't Remove Bible From Class

The Left continues its attacks on religion…
Where in the Constitution does it say to wipe out Christianity?

Mount Vernon student Caleb McCoy rallies student support for eighth-grade science teacher John Freshwater, who on Wednesday was directed to remove a Bible from his classroom desk. (Photo by Virgil Shipley )

Hundreds of students rallied in Ohio to support their teacher who will not remove a Bible from his desk. The teacher already took down a 10 Commmandments display from his room.
Mount Vernon News reported:

Hundreds of students, joined by some parents and community members, gathered at the Spirit Rock outside of Mount Vernon High School in a show of support for middle school teacher John Freshwater.

Freshwater complied with requests from the school administration to take down a display of the Ten Commandments, but refuses to remove a Bible from his desk at school. Freshwater said the administration’s order is a violation of his First Amendment rights. The Bible is a source of personal inspiration to him, Freshwater said, and helps him get through the day.

Twenty sheets of paper with lines for 48 signatures each were being signed by the students, some from the high school and some from the middle school. The petition read: “By signing this petition I am showing my support for Mr. John Freshwater and his stance for displaying his Bible. He had all rights to do so, and we stand by his side.”

Numerous students were wearing custom- or handmade shirts expressing their support of Freshwater. Earlier in the day, many students brought Bibles to school, exercising their own right of freedom of expression. Cars driving past the rally honked their horns in a further show of support.

Eighteen-year-old Caleb McCoy, one of the student organizers of the afterschool rally, said he had no idea the display of support would get so big. He explained the reason for the students’ actions.

“We are bothered by the fact that Freshwater’s reputation and his job is on the line for standing up for what he believes in. He has never forced his beliefs on us and has been a personal role model for myself. He is a great man and we stand by him. … It’s in our First Amendment rights — we have the right to assemble, which we did, and the freedom to petition. We are expressing our love for the Constitution and our love for Mr. Freshwater.”

Several students brought their own bibles to class to support the teacher.

The ACLU approves of the school district’s decision.

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