Rumble In Philly– Pennsylvania Dem Debate

Line up the shots– Get the popcorn, Nahanni…
It’s Grudge Match 21 in Pennsylvania.

This is going going to be a bitter fight tonight.
Obama stands up for his racist anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright. Barack insists that he was not in church for “any of those rants” by Wright— Right.

He probably didn’t see any of these newsletter items, either:
** Obama’s Church Newsletter Published Hamas Manifesto
** After 8 Months… Obama Finally Apologizes For Hamas Article
** Obama’s Church: Israel Planned Ethnic Bomb To Kill Blacks & Arabs
** Obama’s Pastor Wright: “Italians Look Down Their Garlic Noses…”
** Obama’s Mentor Wright Slams Nation’s “Fondling Fathers”
** Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Thomas Jefferson Was a Rapist, Too!

Obama says he disowned his pastor— his comments, that is.
Obama believes AmeriKKKa Wright loves his country.

Hillary thinks its a good idea to continue to look at the Jeremiah Wright issue.


Hillary blasts Obama over his bitter comments despite her past hateful attacks on working class southerners.

Hillary says she will withdraw troops even if the generals say it will destabilize Iraq!
Obama says he will ignore the generals, too!

Hillary and Obama compare their terrorist connections.
Hillary says terrorist Ayers made comments that were deeply offensive to America.
Obama replies that President Clinton actually pardoned Weather Underground terrorists.

Obama gets in the last jab.

Obama says he will prevent the Iranians from acquiring nukes– by talking with them.
Barack bluffs on Israel- He would “consider” an attack on Israel as unacceptable.
-That ought to concern the Israelis. Let’s face it Barack is Jimmy Jr.

Michelle Malkin is liveblogging.
HotAir and LGF are also following the battle in Philly.

Obama said he did not sign a questionaire on gun owner’s rights.
Here’s the liberal survey:

It looks Obama did write notes on the survey after all.

After bashing President Bush- she says she will unite the parties.

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