Popular Cuban Singer Drowns Trying to Escape Island Paradise

The very talented Cuban reggaeton star Elvis Manuel sought to escape Cuba in pursuit of his dream of musical stardom.
But on the way to Florida the ship Elvis and 18 others were riding on sprung a leak in the Florida Straits.

Elvis Manuel has not been heard from since the boat capsized last week.
His mother holds out hope that he is still alive somewhere.

Here is one music video by Cuban reggaeton star Elvis Manuel.

He just wanted to make it big in America.
Elvis Manuel called out to his mother after the boat they were riding on capsized.
The Real Cuba and The Miami Herald reported:


A few hours into a trip that promised to bring them to the shores of South Florida, the boat carrying Cuban reggaeton star Elvis Manuel and 18 others started to take on water.

They started bailing water furiously, trying to keep the boat afloat under a dark sky.

Mother and son were separated as the rain pounded down and the wind roiled the sea.

“‘My son yelled at me, `Mami!, Mami!,’ and I called back, ‘Elvis, come to me,'” said Irioska María Nodarse.

She lost sight of him in the choppy water — he is presumed missing at sea.

On Sunday, Nodarse gave The Miami Herald the first detailed account of the ill-fated effort to escape from Cuba so her son could “realize his dream” of musical stardom.

In a telephone interview from Havana, Nodarse said the boat capsized in choppy seas in the Florida Straits, dumping all 19 people into the water.

Nodarse, who was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard along with 13 others, was returned to Cuba on Saturday where she is desperate for news about her son’s fate. She holds out hope that he is still alive somewhere, either on a boat or an island. The Coast Guard said Sunday that it has no new information on Elvis Manuel’s whereabouts.

Recent photos of Cuban singer Elvis Manuel, who left Cuba with his mother and several others on Monday on a boat bound for the United States. From left to right, Manuel, DJ Jerry, who joined him in his attempt to reach the U.S., and Manuel’s producer Javier Voltaje. (METAMORPHASIS MUSIC AND PRODUCTION- Miami Herald)

How sad.
Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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