Pigs Fly… CBS Investigates Murtha's Mysterious Pork Projects

Media shocker… CBS investigates antiwar darling John Murtha’s massive pork projects:

According to an estimate by Taxpayers for Common Sense, he’s steered more than $600 million in earmarks to his Pennsylvania district in the past four years and $2 billion since 1992.

“Every private entity that received an earmark from Rep. Murtha gave him a contribution. A campaign contribution,” Ryan Alexander for Taxpayers for Common Sense told CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

Murtha helped set up the non-profit Concurrent Technologies in his hometown of Johnstown, Pa. Among the things they do is help others get federal money. They should know, they get $200 million in federal grants each year.

Murtha alone doled out nearly $12 million in earmarks to Concurrent this year. Concurrent pays big bucks to PMA, a lobby firm started by a former Murtha committee staffer. Both and Concurrent employees give generously to Murtha’s campaigns.

More mysterious is Murtha’s million-dollar earmark to the “The Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure.”

“We don’t even know if it even exists,” says anti-earmark Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ).

Here’s the video:

Greyhawk has a Murtha pork roundup.


Mary Katharine Ham and Katie Favazza from Townhall went looking for the mysterious center and came up empty handed.

More on Murtha’s CTC Corp at MyManMitt.

UPDATE: Doug Ross has the essential read on this Murtha pork news.

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