Petraeus Reports Great News From Iraq… Dems Stumble

The reality in Iraq is too much for Democrats and the media to handle.
They’ve tried to throw this fight every way they know how and they came up losers.
It still has not sunk in that the US and its allies have turned the corner in Iraq. But the truth is leaking out. We are winning in Iraq. The Democrats and corrupt media no longer control the conversation. Their antiwar crowd looks ridiculous.

We are winning in Iraq. Despite all that the enemy has done- despite the sloppy and dishonest reporting– despite the 80 Democratic votes for defeat. We are winning in Iraq.

Not only is violence down some 80% since last year but 12 of 18 benchmarks reportedly have been met. And, 9 of 18 provinces are under the complete control of the central government.


Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) weighed in on the Petraeus hearings today.
He wrote an article on the current realities in Iraq at the National Review:

America’s top military commander and chief diplomat in Iraq reported Tuesday that we are making significant progress there. They added that we cannot afford to squander our gains by losing our resolve. But was anybody really listening?

Just this morning, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said the following on the Senate floor: “Is the war in Iraq making America safer? By all accounts, the answer… is ‘no.’”

Senator Reid’s statement stands in direct contradiction to Amb. Crocker’s testimony on Tuesday. “Al-Qaeda is our mortal and strategic enemy. So to the extent that al-Qaeda’s capacities have been lessened in Iraq and they have been significantly lessened, I do believe that makes America safer.”

Two-thirds of the 18 benchmarks set for Iraq reportedly have been met — a high standard even for the U.S. Congress. The counterinsurgency strategy has yielded positive results, and both civilian and military casualties in Iraq are down. Critics are rapidly losing topics to complain about.

Oh brother… It looks like the Left is now complaining about the number of medals worn by military leaders.

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