Peace Thugs, Profs & Hillary Supporters Assault Iraq War Vet

Edinboro, Pennsylvania activists hold a weekly “peace” vigil near campus:
(23 seconds)

But, last week these activists assaulted a US Iraq War veteran and his family.

An Iraqi War Veteran and his family were pummelled by “peace” activists in Pennsylvania this past week.
Gathering of Eagles in New York sent this:

Peace Fascists, Professors and Hillary Supporters assault Iraqi War Veteran and Family
Citizens do nothing to intervene.
Edinboro, PA, Apr. 22

For the second time in as many weeks, an Iraq War Veteran and his family held a Support the Troops rally across the street from the weekly “peace” protest in this college town. This week the true nature of the ‘peace’ activists was revealed for all to see. When the veteran’s 14 year old son crossed the street to videotape the protesters and their signs, the protesters became agitated and began harassing the boy. The right to record video in any public venue is long established in law and any attempt to interfere with that right is a violation of civil rights.

Seeing the escalating tension across the street, the veteran and his wife crossed over, leaving their three youngest children on the other side for safety while they went to retrieve their eldest son. Two of the female ‘peace’ protesters then attacked the veteran’s wife. When the veteran pulled one of those attackers off his wife he was jumped by four or five of the ‘peace’ people and knocked to the ground where they held him while beating him and smashing his eyeglasses.

The son pulled the remaining attacker off his mother, but the attacker managed to get in one last kick to his mother’s head with her boot. She then punched the son in his face while his mother called the police.

This all took place at a busy intersection, the mother had been knocked into the street in bumper to bumper traffic. People were visible in the windows of shops and a bar nearby. One might think someone would intervene to put a stop to the assault. One would be wrong. In a scene eerily reminiscent of the Kitty Genovese tragedy in New York, the bystanders and passers-by refused to stand up to the ‘peace’ thugs. Displaying a craven cowardice one would not have expected in middle America they would rather go on their way thankful that it was not them being assaulted. It was NOT them, today, but what about tomorrow?

** John Lilyea has more on this assault on the Iraq War Veteran and his family, including this:


The girl later spit on Jason right in front of the cop and nothing was done about it. Amazing! Right now I have a huge headache and knots coming up all over my head. Jason has scratch marks on his face not to mention someone stomping on his glasses when they fell off. Andrew has a red cheek. So we’ll get a AAR for this event and Saturday’s maybe tomorrow night after we get our camera back.

Melanie Morgan also has more on this attack.

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