North Koreans & Ohio Teachers Persecuted For Displaying Bibles

In North Korea… The regime is persecuting Christians.
Those caught with bibles are treated just like animalas according to a recent report.
Christian Persecution Blog reported:

According to a 48 page report called “Prison Without Bars” by the independent US Commission on International Religious Freedom, those in North Korea who confessed religious belief faced very harsh penalties inside the communist regime.

Some of the refugees interviewed said that if they were sent back into North Korea from China and they were a person who had religious beliefs that they were treated “just like animals” and also even if they had a bible they could be arrested. Others could disappear as well as be murdered.

Likewise in Ohio… Teachers are also persecuted if they are found with a bible.
Mount Vernon News reported:

Hundreds of students, joined by some parents and community members, gathered at the Spirit Rock outside of Mount Vernon High School in a show of support for middle school teacher John Freshwater.

Freshwater complied with requests from the school administration to take down a display of the Ten Commandments, but refuses to remove a Bible from his desk at school. Freshwater said the administration’s order is a violation of his First Amendment rights. The Bible is a source of personal inspiration to him, Freshwater said, and helps him get through the day.

Twenty sheets of paper with lines for 48 signatures each were being signed by the students, some from the high school and some from the middle school. The petition read: “By signing this petition I am showing my support for Mr. John Freshwater and his stance for displaying his Bible. He had all rights to do so, and we stand by his side.”

The ACLU approved of the school district’s decision.
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