Murtha's Office Calls Cops on Iraq Vet's Mom– Staff Member Calls Marine Moms "Cowards"


Bev Perlson is the founder of “Band of Mothers” a group of mothers who support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This week after leaving Rep. Murtha’s office a staff member told her group that they were “cowards.”

Rep. John Murtha refused to meet with the Iraq War Veterans and family members when they came to town to rally for the troops and General Petraeus last week. This enraged some marine moms who made a visit to Murtha’s office only to have the cops called on them!!

Democracy Project has this outrageous story.
After the incident in Murtha’s office with the marine moms his office workers screamed down the hall calling the marine moms cowards!
Here is part of that letter from Bev Perlson:


I gave him my card and told him I was outraged that several Marines had been in to see Mr. Murtha and were refused. This young man stood up and told me that “people” cannot just come in there and expect to see the Congressman without an appointment. I was outraged by his pompous attitude and insulted that he didn’t seem to understand that these brave Warriors are not just “people!” I clearly saw the problem here and was so deeply offended that he didn’t seem to understand, and I informed him that these fine Marines are not just people, THEY ARE SOLDIERS, THEY ARE HEROES, and MR. Murtha needs to show them respect and further, he needs to apologize to everyone of them. The last thing I said was “He is a Coward” because I believe that he is. A white haired lady asked us to leave and we did, and as we walked down the hall, the white haired lady called us “Cowards.”

Read the whole thing Here.

In an earlier protest in December Bev Perlson and several members of Families United who support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan picketed in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office. Last week one of John Murtha’s staff members called Bev and her colleagues “cowards” after visiting his office.

MORE… A New Tone reported that Barack Obama “clanged his door shut” on the Iraq War veterans!
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