Maliki the Stateman Scores Huge Win in Basra

Democrats and the mainstream media have brutally attacked Prime Minister al-Maliki since he took over as prime minister of the young Iraqi democracy.

They’ve constantly pounded him for perceived failures and imperfection. Forget the abysmal job of this worst Congress ever– the Democrat politicians have been unforgiving in their demands on Iraq and Maliki. Bringing down Al-Maliki would be a huge blow to Iraq and Bush and they know it. Therefore, he’s been a huge target for Al-Qaeda and Democrats since he took over.

But, despite his detractors at home and abroad and despite the constant threats on his life the humble al-Maliki has celebrated many successes.
The Battle of Basra was his latest.

Demonstrators carry a picture of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a protest in Kerbala March 28, 2008. (REUTERS/Mushtaq Muhammed)

The Talisman Gate tells the real story behind the Battle of Basra today:

I won that wager. I had written that “the Iraqi Army’s military operation in Basra will be a spectacular win against disorder and Iranian influence”. And I was right.

Of course, most western media outlets are declaring Muqtada al-Sadr and Iran as the victors of Operation Cavalry Charge. Nothing could be furthest from the truth.

The United Alliance List delegation comprising Ali al-Adib of the Da’awa Party, Hadi al-Ameri of the Badr Organization and (I think…) Qasim al-Sahlani representing a group that had splintered from the Da’awa Party, evidently made al-Sadr an offer he couldn’t refuse when they sat down for a friendly chat in Tehran two days ago: the Iraqi state was willing to go all the way in smashing the Sadrist movement—arresting all the leaders and shutting down all the offices—if he didn’t play along with Operation Cavalry Charge and hand over those operatives whose names appear on the wanted lists.

See Maliki went to Basra with a long-ish list of names comprising all those involved in oil smuggling, drug dealing and the various other crimes that have wracked Basra. It just so happens that many of them claim to be Mahdi Army commanders.

Well, so far several dozen of these Most Wanted folks have been killed, while tens of others are wounded or in hiding. At least 50 of them are under arrest. The outbreak of violence in places other than Basra was an occasion for the Iraqi Army and police to act on arrest warrants that have been outstanding since 2004, for example, several such dangerous outlaws were taken into custody in Karbala and Hillah.

The only complaints that I heard today came from people who were disappointed that Maliki did not go for the kill: he did not snuff out the Sadrist movement from Iraqi politics…

Maliki was a political nobody before he ‘accidentally’ became Prime Minister almost two years ago, but today he is perceived as a statesman commanding a strong and motivated army that can impose law and order on once-powerful forces that have run amuck. If that’s not a benchmark of success, then what is?

There’s more at Talisman Gate.
This is something you won’t read in your biased national newspapers. That’s for sure.
Hat Tip Mike Moseley

MORE… Here’s another reason you won’t hear this story from the media—
They have former Saddam officials on the payroll!
Thanks BG

UPDATE: Bill Roggio reported that Al-Sadr and Iran demanded the release of Qais Qazali in negotiating a cease fire with the Iraqi forces. Apparently it wasn’t the first time that the Iranians and al-Sadr have asked for his release.

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