Kossacks Beg Hillary to Quit

Daily Kos writer Meteor Blades asks Senator Clinton to “quit already” in a sappy, drawn out, self-absorbed letter.

Meteor writes:

You don’t know me from a hole in the wall. So, given the demands on your time, there’s zero reason for you to read what I’m going to say. I’m just a lowly blogger. And, criminy, not even on my own blog. A voice buried in terabytes of digitized chatter. A life-long rank-and-file Democrat who worked a couple of congressional campaigns ages ago, contributes a few dollars to a few candidates and walks precincts every election. Not a superdelegate. Not a pledged delegate. Not somebody with party clout, or deep pockets or even the ear of anyone with clout or deep pockets. As I said, no reason you should know or listen to me…

…Rather, I’m writing to ask you – to plead with you – to admit to yourself what is clear to nearly everyone who is closely following this contest: Your chances of getting the nomination are slim. Your chances of getting the nomination in a way that can heal the party for the unified run we need to win in November are nil. And every day you continue to pursue the nomination is another day for John McCain.

Me thinks Hillary would stop reading right after “wall.”
Hat Tip Nick Brunetti

Meanwhile… Hillary supporter Governor Ed Rendell says, “Keith Olbermann should be on the Obama payroll.”
— What about Chris “thrill up the leg” Matthews, Ed?

And, Penn is out at Team Hillary for pulling a Clinton.

All in all… It was just another spring day of trees blooming, birds chirping, and Democrats brawling in the streets.
Pass the popcorn, Nahanni.

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