Jimmy Carter: Terror Sympathizer AND Shameless Liar

Jimmy Carter is not just a terrorist sympathizer.
The media reported that Jimmy Carter was going to meet with Hamas days before he set flew to the Middle East. The media also reported that the Bush Administration was not happy about Jimmy’s scheduled meetings with the terrorist group Hamas. Jimmy Carter did nothing to reach out to the Bush Administration to resolve the situation. Even his fellow “Elders” pulled out of the meetings after talks with the US State Department.

Now, Jimmy Carter is saying that he was never told not to meet with Hamas.

In an interview with NPR (Audio HERE) Jimmy Carter immediately embarrassed by Hamas by the host for noting that Hamas is already contradicting Jimmy’s statements. Carter also outright lies about what the Bush Administration told him regarding his meeting with the terrorist group Hamas.

State Department: We didn’t think it would be an appropriate gesture and we encouraged him not to in fact meet with Hamas officials.

Jimmy Carter: Well let me say that before I came over here I put in a call to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and she got on the telephone and she was in Europe by her deputy David (?). I had a 20 minute conversation with him. He was quite positive. He never asked me or even suggested that I not come. And subsequently I saw all kinds of statements out of the State Department saying the begged me not to come, they urged me not to come. All of this is absolutely false. They never once asked me not to come.

NPR Host: Are you suggesting Mr. Carter that perhaps the Bush Administration would welcome some contact with Hamas even though they would like to publicly disown it in such a way?

Jimmy Carter: I can’t say that. The fact is there are strong and daily negotiations between Israel and Hamas. And, it is public knowledge the mediators are the Egyptians… Israel puts together proposals for Hamas. Egypt shares them with Hamas. Hamas comes back with proposals which goes back to Jerusalem for answers and that goes on every day. So I’m not negotiating or mediating but everybody knows that there are negotiations going on and as a matter of fact the Deputy Prime Minister of Israel asked me to arrange with Hamas an agreement that he could participate personally in negotiations.

The US State Department was outraged at Jimmy’s statements. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke out about this yesterday.
FOX News reported:


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the Bush administration explicitly warned former President Carter against meeting with members of Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip and which is regarded by the U.S. as a terror group.

Rice, attending a regional meeting on Iraq’s security and future Tuesday, contradicted Carter’s assertions that he never got a clear signal from the State Department. Rice told reporters that the U.S. thought the visit could confuse the message that the U.S. will not deal with Hamas.

Carter says top Hamas leaders told him during seven hours of talks in Damascus over the weekend that they are willing to live next to Israel, but a top Hamas official said the group would never outright recognize the Jewish state.

Oh… And, Jimmy Carter is a plagiarist, too.

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