Jimmy Carter Arrives in Syria- Meets Assad & Hamas Leader

UPDATE: Here’s the video of Jimmy and Bashar–

Former US president Jimmy Carter met exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in the Syrian capital today despite strong opposition from Israel, Fatah, US Congressmen, and the White House.

Jimmy also met Bashar Assad:

Another day, another Democrat meets with Syrian President Bashar Assad.


After meeting with leaders of the anti-Semitic Hamas terrorist organization in Cairo Jimmy Carter traveled to Syria today to meet with the leader of Hamas.
The AP reported:

Jimmy Carter has arrived in Syria where he is due to meet the political leader of the militant Palestinian Hamas group.

The former U.S. president’s visit comes a day after he met several Hamas leaders in Egypt and said he had asked them to stop rocket attacks into Israel.

Carter also is scheduled to meet Friday with Syrian President Bashar Assad before holding talks with Hamas’ exiled political chief Khaled Mashaal. He also plans to meet with Syrian businessmen.

Democrats are starting to worry that Carter’s pro-terrorist actions will hurt the party. Four House Democrats asked Carter not to meet with Hamas. He ignored them, too.

Earlier this week the Assad Regime sentenced opposition activist Kamal Labwani 12 years for contacts with Washington.
It would be decent of Jimmy to bring this man’s situation up with Assad when they meet… But, don’t hold your breath.
Here’s Assad’s fax number by the way.

MORE… Jimmy’s peace partners held a rally today:

Photo reads: Hamas militants carry a banner showing a caricature of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on a banner in the Nusseirat Refugee Camp, central Gaza Strip, Friday, April 18, 2008. The arabic on banner reads ‘Calm down sweetie, calm down and damn the rocket that woke you out of your sleep. (AP Photo/Yahoo)
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